Wee Little Creatures

I'm more excited about showing this than my latest painting. I've had this idea for years. And, I am a big fan of Altoids, so I have a stack of boxes waiting to be used for something crafty. This little secret box for a sleeping fairy is so much easier than building a house. Many people tell me to sell them, but how much would someone pay for something like this? I cannot market it as a toy, because of regulations on safety testing. Who wouldn't let their child play with an old tin box, some cotton, felt, embroidery floss, craft paper and glue?


six0six design said...

love the little box. Im such a hoarder, always collecting tins and the like from charity stores, might have to do something with them now Ive seen yours.


Melanie said...

That is adorable!!! I would love to have one for my niece. How much will it cost me?