A great week of painting.

36x24 acrylic.

Building a body of work, but also gaining experience. More color, more depth, more relaxed, more confident and the excuses are melting away. I've painted about 12 hours this week and it wasn't a particularly quiet week. Band concert (including shopping for concert attire), staff student basketball game (including pseudo baking for the bake sale) and a very long doctor's appointment (keeping fingers crossed that we won't have to see an ENT specialist).

How did I do it? Last Saturday I vowed that I would not make dinner all week. "What's for dinner, Mom?" – "Nothing." Everyone survived and I don't plan on living this way all the time. It was a much needed break from focusing my attention on everyone else's needs. I honestly felt a little guilty and self-absorbed. Something I'll need to get over, because painting should not make me feel that way at all.


Melanie said...

Congrats on the mom's not cooking week! Sometimes we have what I call "Find it and eat it." Michael finds leftover something, Amanda finds something in the freezer to nuke, and Chris finds the fixings to make himself a grilled cheese. Depending on what's in the house it goes over well sometimes.

patti said...

When I was a kid it was called "whatever you can find." My mom is such a foodie it rarely happened. I love to cook, but I got tired of trying to please everyone all the time. I also find that when I cook a big meal, I'm not even hungry by the time I sit down because I nibble so much while I cook. Extra calories I don't need.

studiovirgo said...

I look forward to my child being old enough to pull that one... I am lucky if I squeeze in 5 hours of painting in a week at this point. But I love the new work!