Two more new paintings. Also untitled. Some day their names will come to me. When I began painting mandalas I couldn't imagine what I ever might call them. By the time I was preparing for my first show I understood what they were and the titles suddenly came to me. This was months (maybe over a year) after I painted them.

And a little secret. All four of the paintings are derived from one photograph. Previous work is also of the same tree in my backyard. When cropping these two I saw where these pieces fit together.

While painting on wood 2 years ago I painted almost the exact same painting twice and did not realize it until I was looking at one on my computer screen and gazing off at the other hanging on my wall.

Last week I was so optimistic about starting anew that I was euphoric. Changes I am working on – early to bed, early to rise, early to work, more proactive/productive at the office, healthier eating, more exercise, no eating after dinner, painting everyday (almost) only tea at bedtime, no beer or wine. This week began with a strange unexplainable bout with insomnia on Sunday night. It left me feeling like I am trudging through sludge ever since. While I have hit a little bump I hope to not de-rail completely. I've actually done quite well in most areas. Not striving for perfection - just improvement. I hope this little bit of cutting and chopping prep-work will lead to more energy.


Patrick said...

They both are absolutely gorgeous! The light blue sky is especially delicate and lovely.

Patti said...

Thank you. My subject matter is more of air than trees, so "delicate sky" is good to hear.