Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

No. Don't. Well, maybe. But, be careful.

"Imagination is how we transform ourselves and the world in which we live." (Why Angels Have Wings, by Rami Shapiro, Spirituality and Health, Jan-Feb 2010) I needed to hear that. I tried to explain to Darrin, but couldn't quite put into words, that when I create art, I refrain from delving too deeply into my own imagination. What if I get lost? What if I can no longer differentiate between what is real and what I am only imagining? Can I transform myself and the world? Can I really?

So I hold back. I refrain from using my imagination to create art and to fully contemplate the metaphysical. It would be real easy to get lost there. Yet, I found myself a few days ago using my imagination to worry. Worry - that is your imagination speculating what bad things might happen. And then I realized other people in my same situation (or potentially worse situation) are still calm and not complaining. When did I become the most pessimistic in the bunch? This is not me. This is not who I want to be. I apologize to anyone that got an earful from me. Recently and in the past. With a smile and a laugh I have heard myself say "I know, I am so cynical." I try to laugh it off and joke because I don't really believe I am cynical. Or am I? How do I imagine the world to be? Am I bitter, distrusting, showing contempt? Do I hold a low opinion of humanity? "Sometimes" is not an acceptable answer.

In my quest for enlightenment I have read some of the modern day Spiritualists. I open a book. It resonates with me. This is all true. I needed to be reminded of this. The Universe is full of potential and possibility. I do have the power to create my life and change the world. I believe in creative consciousness despite what the critics say. It is not wishful thinking. Everything that comes into being begins as a thought.

At the end of my week I am conscious of my not-so-good thoughts and I will put them behind me. I am grateful to have heard the eloquent closing statement of the very wise Conan O'Brien. His words have the power to transform and transcend. As he said... (and I paraphrase) Cynicism is one of the worst qualities. It gets you nowhere. If you are kind and work really hard, amazing things will happen! Amazing! I will be looking for his new book on the library shelf next to Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. Thanks, Co Co.

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heather said...

I loved Conan's closing statement, too. Made me realize how cynical I really am. Kinda a bummer because I tend to think of myself as a pretty positive person. Well, your post has put me into a new frame of mind...and i will try to make it last.