Nablopomo - Endnotes

Well, it was fun while it lasted. I didn't quite make it through 30 days of art blogging, but I enjoyed the experience. I am happy to say I didn't fizzle out because life was "oh so hectic". I was busy enjoying the holiday - eating, drinking, relaxing, visiting with family. And, we had a house guest. I didn't really want to try and disappear into some remote part of the house to draw or paint something. Instead, I just enjoyed a glass of wine with Grandpa Bob.

I had hoped to develop some sort of consistent style in my work, which I did not. I didn't have a whole lot of time to create something everyday and most often the topic dictated the style of illustration.

Here are a few of my thoughts in retrospect.

Nov. 1: I have an irrational fear of mice. I am puzzled to see how some people react when they see a spider, bee, bug or creepy crawly thing. The screaming, flailing, jumping, running? None of those things faze me. However, that would be my exact reaction to seeing a mouse. In fact, I don't wear sandals in movie theaters because I think one might crawl across my foot.

Nov. 7: Painting nature makes me very happy. I was thrilled to have a topic to apply to a new painting.

Nov. 8: Conspiracy Theory. I have a few. I try not to dwell on them. I couldn't think of one of my own to illustrate so I Googled "conspiracy theory." My goodness. That was interesting. Apparently some people believe that the mark of the beast is imbedded in bar codes. I struggled with the drawing of the 7 headed beast so I collaged a barcode with a work of Albrecht Durer. I am not comfortable with the idea of using bits and pieces of other images in collage even though I am not reproducing this or selling it for profit. On a separate note, there is a website that will generate a barcode and this one in particular says "conspiracy" in barcode language.

Nov. 10: I admire primitive drawing styles of other people. If I drew in this style everyday I would become more comfortable with the imperfections. Or perhaps there would just be fewer imperfections.

Nov. 11: The topic was "The most interesting thing that happened to me today." Again, happy to loosely apply the topic to a nature painting. I am very excited about this one and in January plan on beginning a series of these in a larger format.

Nov. 12: A mono-print I created while in high school. The first day I did not create art for the day. I struggled with the topic "How has your life turned out differently than you imagined it would when you were in high school?" Either mine is not that different or I didn't really have any expectations. I thought I would have an art related job. I do. I thought I would probably get married and have a couple of kids. I do.

Nov. 13: The second day that I posted an older piece of work. I donated this piece to an online auction for The Peace Fund a few years ago. (Protect, Educate and Aid Children Everywhere) At the time I was really believing that I could create peace though the painting of mandalas and I have donated a few. I was happy to donate a painting and solicit all my friends to bid.

Nov 14.: "Five ways to lose a fight." Not easy to fit into a small quick illustration. You may not have recognized them: 1. Hitting below the belt 2. Running 3. Cowering 4. Crying 5. Surrender

Nov. 15: Re-posted an older work. I was thrilled to have created a haiku for this day. The only topic worth breaking my word fast for. I have thought about attempting to write a haiku for years, but never have. The traditional haiku pertains to nature and I have given so much thought to my deciduous paintings that the poetry quickly spilled from my mind.

Nov. 16: The present. Painting nature makes me happy.

Nov. 17: For the record I would prefer getting a peg leg before a hook! What artist would be willing to give up their right hand? or their left? For the sake of illustration I chose the hook. If this girl looks a little familiar I digitally worked over an old Illustration Friday piece. So much fun - I could get used to this type of work, but too much else going on right now. I need to focus on painting.

Nov. 20: This was so much fun to draw! I was a little uncomfortable because I am a freak about plagiarism. Again, I am not reproducing this or creating it for profit. It is very much meant to pay homage, but it is too similar to the original. I have not adapted it in anyway to make it my own. Anyone want to share your opinion on this topic of the fine line between homage and plagiarism?

Nov. 24: Still struggling with paying homage and plagiarizing. Eric Carle has a lovely blog himself and I found the coloring page on his website.

I guess I have not avoided rambling - just put it off til the end.

I'll probably take a little break from blogging until January with the exception of a few photos of cookies. You might as well check them out from last year, because as I realized then, they will look exactly the same!

Happy Holidays!


Melanie said...

I loved the artwork and how you expressed the topics! My favorite was the panic button.

Michael Rigg said...

Patti, awesome retrospective!!!