The Allure of Video Games

Turn off your mind, relax
and float down stream....

I thought I might return to the reality of daily life today. I am a little obsessed with Animal Crossing. I like to pick weeds, fish and pay off my mortgage. Just when I thought I might do something productive today, Maya popped her head out of the basement and said... "Daddy said 'Get the band together.'" Darrin hooked up the stereo to the Wii so we can really jam. I was still playing for about an hour after everyone else walked away. Ever since we heard that Rock Band was coming out with a Beatles version, the whole family was wishing for it. Maya was confident that Santa would bring it, because as she said "Santa likes when families do things together." Before I saw Rock Band, I thought it sounded quite ludicrous. Game controllers shaped like guitars? You press colored buttons and pretend you can play a musical instrument? It's actually quite a lot of fun! Singing and playing the drums aren't quite as feigned as guitar playing. I thought we would never own any video games. I have found that playing some games does take some mental focus and coordination. Still it's a little disturbing how many fill our house. And, of course we limit how much the kids play. I just need a little self-discipline. January is my time to start fresh. This week I am still indulging.

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