On My Desk

I feel I am not the only person who needs a deadline to be motivated enough to begin a project. (or finish a project.) I have to say, I had this idea for the "Trash to Treasure" show two years ago. And, the motivation to begin it yesterday... the deadline to drop off the work is this Sunday. Originally I thought I would paper mache the containers and paint with acrylic, but I've decided to just wrap them with watercolor paper and paint with watercolor. I don't know if I will post the finished piece before the show? It could be such a spectacular unveiling. Why spoil it? A watercolor matryoshka made out of garbage? I'm guessing this is probably the only one world-wide? 

After having shot this photo this afternoon, I am even more excited about lugging my work desk out of the basement for the summer sun-room studio.

I think I will include a copy of this black and white photo for the show. And, when listing materials used I think I will spell it all out: oatmeal box, cornmeal box, salt box, baking powder can, paper towel tube, mini-m&m container.


APRiL said...

those are beautiful already patti!

Anonymous said...

You are sooo creative!