Fast Forward 10 Years.

I was inspired to start running 10 years ago (almost 11) when I was 7 or 8 months pregnant with Maya. I did not start running at that moment of inspiration, of course. I felt so huge and completely disabled. I started noticing every jogger on the street and was determined to run as soon as I was able. After Maya was born I vowed that I would start off slow and walk everyday (about 2 miles) to take off the extra weight, but more importantly to give myself a break. I needed to step away momentarily from the feeling of being overwhelmed with the immense responsibility of motherhood. I did not walk with Maya, I walked away from the house so that I could be alone. This photo was taken from one of the few times I put on the Snugli. Even then I worried. . . was it too hot outside for her? was her head was bobbing too much? was her neck was strong enough? was she was going to spit up along the way? was I going to have to walk home drenched in puke?

I used to hold this tiny baby in my arms and worry if I would be a good mother. Could I teach her to be a kind and happy person? Could I help her live up to her full potential? Could I keep her safe from the crazy world out there?

I looked forward to the day that she would be big enough and strong enough to maybe ride her bike along side me while I jogged. I thought by then, I wouldn't be so stressed out and worried about motherhood and wouldn't feel the need to momentarily escape. I thought, by this time I would know if I was was doing an okay job as a mother.

We've arrived at and surpassed that goal. It was Maya that really inspired me to start jogging again. She was on the track team this Spring, so I asked her if she wanted to jog a mile and a half with me around the neighborhood. I was so out of shape. I had not run in 7 months. I ended up telling her "go as fast as you want, but leave your watch running so you can tell me my time when I get home." She ran it in 15:05. I stumbled in at almost 18 minutes.

I have renewed my interest in jogging, and I've jogged almost every day since then. Each day I have shaved a little time off that 18 minutes. Yesterday I was down to 15:40. Maya is happy and encouraging me, but let me know if we raced - she would win. We plan on trying that soon. I told her she would probably beat me, but best of all, we would both run a lot faster if we raced.

It's hard to believe 10 years have passed so quickly. This little one has taught me a lot. She has challenged me and made me a stronger person.


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APRiL said...

so sweet, happy mothers day!

Anonymous said...

The only thing you ever have to do to know that you are a good mother, is to look at the smiling, happy faces of your beautiful daughters...that says it all!


Michael Rigg said...

Patti, very inspiring in so many ways. The picture is beautiful too. You have so much to be proud of, to be honored for. Thank you for sharing this story. And all I have to add to April said... is "ditto."