Pick One!

#30 - 7" Watercolor and gold acrylic paint

Choose your favorite little mandala from the set of 30.
Leave a comment on this post stating
your name and the town you reside in
plus your favorite piece (number 1 thru 30).

I will randomly pick a name and the winner
will win the mandala of their choice!

The winner will be announced 
Friday, August 29th.

(I must exclude #18 and #19
as friends have already expressed interest
in purchasing them before they went up for sale.

If you have any problems leaving a comment,
please e-mail me and let me know.

Also, I have uploaded all 30 to flickr 
for your slideshow enjoyment.

Thanks again Geninne for her giveaway.
I am paying it forward as I said I would.



Geninne said...

WOW Patti :) How generous of you! I'm torn between 7 and 30. They are all amazing. Sending you a hug all the way from Mexico :)

misti said...

I really love #2 and #10!

Excellent set and it has been fun watching you do them all!

Anonymous said...

#19 Was my all time favorite. Oh, well! I like #16 and #11. What an accomplishment.

Sarah in Hobart

Anonymous said...

By the way, which is your favorite, Patti?!


Michela said...

absolutley this one !!
The number #30 it's my favorite!

Anonymous said...

My eyes hurt from scrolling up and down the page... it was a difficult choice, but I have finally decided that I'm going for #17! (although #30 would be first runner up!)There are just too many to choose from! Great work, Patti!

Dorie, Lake Station

April said...

15 April

what an accomplishment!

Patrick said...

Hi Patti,
Choosing one of these is like walking into a florist and choosing one bouquet of flowers from among many beautiful ones. I really like mandala 27 because you told us the way you were feeling that day, and you certainly put all that emotion into number 27. But I couldn’t choose that one because it seems almost too personal and I wouldn’t feel right accepting it. Besides it’s not something I’d necessarily want to hang in my living room (But I wouldn’t hang Guernica there either). So if I had to choose - and it really is hard because I especially like 1, 2, 6, 5, 9, 15, 30, etc. . . . to be honest I’d be happy with any one of these paintings – but if I really had to choose (and if I’m lucky and I win, then I will choose) number 26.


PS. Twice I stopped by the Towle Theatre to see your paintings, but I couldn’t get in. Had I attended a show I would have had more success. Did you sell the one that began as a splattering of watercolor on May 2nd (my son’s 23rd birthday)?

'becca said...

i could sit & watch the slide show for hours. what an amazing body of work. from an amazing woman.


Anonymous said...

Hello Patti. I love number 26 and 30. they are so "my" colours. Martine from Belgium.

Vickie said...

They are all very nice but I especially like #26 Aged. I love the colors and texure.
Vickie from Kaysville UT USA

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love #24!!! All of them are fantastic, but this one touches my heart the most...cuz reminds me of childhood.
Mary Sue from Hammond

Yvette said...

Amazing work Patti! I'm torn between 2 and 10. Which is quite interesting since some else posted the same two choices. A long lost twin of mine...haha

Heather said...

I have been watching each one go up on your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed the variety of ideas and expressions.

It would be so hard to pick just one...but if I had to pick it would be #10.

Wow. that was tough.

Thanks for sharing this series.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

They are all beautiful, but #23 is my favorite.

--Sally in Atlanta

cate said...

Hi - I'm here from curiosity after a comment on Soulemama... and your work is beautiful.
It probably wouldn't be fair if i won, having only just discovered your work, but your mandala was so beautiful i had to look at them all... and that meant i saw # 16 which gave such immediate joy. thank you.
(i'd like to add that 15 has a calm movement and 24 is just 'my' colours and is so eleganty frail...) thank you.

and if you hear some rustling, it's me wandering round your previous posts...

Anonymous said...

Are we too late? Miller loves the Hydrangeas. Bones picked "the yellow one". Amy wouldn't pick just one. Me? Well, #16 it is.

Frank E. Donor