#27 - 6" India ink on mat board.

I have recently broken down and shattered into pieces. Currently, I am picking up the pieces and putting myself back together again in a more beautiful and healthy configuration – leaving behind that which no longer serves me. I had not realized how much I was holding inside until uncontrollable emotion rose to the surface and erupted in a fit of rage. I am no longer spinning my wheels in frustration replaying the same old complaints. I am detached from anger and frustration.
My day job is not the source
of my identity, security or sustenance.


Anonymous said...

Twelve (Tao Te Ching)

The five colors blind the eye.
The five tones deafen the ear.
The five flavors dull the taste.
Racing and hunting madden the mind.
Precious things lead one astray.

Therefore the sage is guided by what he feels and not by what he sees.
He lets go of that and chooses this.

Your work is so beautiful. Thanks for showing me what I could possibly be through your artwork. You are an inspiration to me as a friend and mother.


Nicola said...

Bold and beautiful!

Kathy said...

I trust things will get better even if it means taking the plunge into another another phase of your life. You have clearly outgrown your day job.
Love you.

ill. said...

so beautiful :) i love mantras and used to draw some when younger.. they are useless uncensored but the ideas are worth to work with in future..

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful pattern. I love it. Kudos to you for recognizing that time for change for having the courage to go through with it.

Carmel said...

Simply stunning piece Patti - it is so zen in its seeming absence of color yet at the same time it encompasses all color. It is so often the silences that speak the loudest. You are truly gifted. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and inspirational work with us.

Cindy said...

I love this one.

I almost wish I had gotten that job with the greeting card company so I could hire you and give you a new "day job" painting mandalas.