Layoffs. Disaster. Wicked.

We don't know how complacent we are until things really start shaking up all around us.

Last Friday I survived layoffs at work. The third time since I was hired 15 years ago. As I was led into a small conference room I took a deep breath and reminded myself  - if I lost my job, it would be a blessing in disguise because that is a sign from the Universe that there is something better out there. I truly believe that. For everyone. Of course when I said "remind myself" I mean I was really trying to convince myself. It's easy to say you believe in something until you have to put it into practice. During really tough economic times it's hard to imagine what great opportunities lie ahead. To anyone experiencing such hardship - keep the faith.

Saturday and Sunday was a nice quiet summer weekend followed by a stormy Monday. Having small children I've had to calm their fears for years. Thunder is just loud - it won't hurt us. The lightening is really far away - it just looks close. We're in the house - so we're safe.

Reports say it wasn't technically a tornado, but 96 mile an hour winds are devastating - funnel cloud or not. Driving home from a friend's house as the sky opened up, it was the worst storm I have ever experienced. The girls were eerily calm or maybe they knew those things I would have said were not true. The lightening was close, we were not in our house and Darrin and I both feared that trees or other large objects would land on the car.

Our mini-van crawled to our house down pitch black roads caused by major power outages. We scurried in, found candles and flashlights and felt secure because we had made it home safe. After settling into our beds and finally drifting off to sleep we were awakened by the town tornado warning siren. We've only heard it once before, aside from the always annoying test each and every Saturday at 12:15 pm precisely. Now it was 12:15 am and I found myself rushing the girls down the basement stairs in complete darkness, grabbing pillows and blankets because I knew we would spend the rest of the night there. 

I've never been afraid of a storm. I was afraid of this one. The lightening was so close, it sounded as if it hit one corner of the house, then the opposite, then it was back on the first corner. The storm was not rolling in or moving out. We were in it.

We woke up to stillness and surveyed the damage. Our house is intact, but hundred year old trees all around were wounded or completely destroyed. The only damage we suffered was the lack of electricity and erratic phone service for 48 hours. 

These photos were taken a couple blocks from my house.

Many of these photos (Griffith) were taken a couple of miles from my house. I haven't let my daughters see all of them. The vision would cause too much worry during the next storm.

Adding to the excitement and busy-ness of my life. Yesterday, was our big Girl Scout trip to see WICKED! It was fabulous. And, yes, I still have a lot to learn about myself and others through Girl Scouts.

Yesterday's revelation: when it comes to people, I am uncoordinated. I don't mean I am an uncoordinated person. Forget the skateboard accident. I can juggle, do coordination jumping jacks, rub my belly and pat my head, and reverse hands. I have no skill or desire to coordinate people - which is why I am not in management or politics.

I pulled it off. Seems like months of planning. It was months of planning to purchase theatre tickets for 24 people and lead them downtown on the train. Everyone was pleased that I had made the effort, but silly me, I've been stressed out about going to the theatre.

All scouts (but one) were accompanied by parents. Once I lead them to their seats I relaxed and enjoyed the show (for the second time). I let them all know they were on their own at that point, free to stay in the city for a while and avoid rush hour trains back home. A few stayed back with me. I suggested grabbing a sandwich and walking over to Millennium Park. Very worthwhile! None of them had been there before! Needless to say - they loved it.

I have a job. I have a house. I am blessed.

Tomorrow - back to mini mandalas and few words.

Ride out the storm. peace.

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'becca said...

what a great photo of you & the girls in the bean!