In the Now.


When I moved into my house 12 years ago, I wasn't sure about all the sedum that lined the north side, but I left it there because I also wasn't sure if I had a better landscaping idea. As years passed, I grew to love this plant. Hardy and succulent, it will grow in the poorest of soil/conditions and looks as green and lush through to the end of fall as it does when it pokes its first little sprouts from the ground. Not only have I left it there, but I've spread little sprouts to the super hot/dry south side of the house. Last spring I adored all the first peeks through the soil as they look like tiny green bouquets sprinkled on the ground.

So last year at exactly this time, I shot photographs. Then, didn't draw the little sprouts until I started the sketchbook project in the fall. And here we are – full circle. The sedum is now in that same stage of emerging. Today, I have sketched it in the Now. I have recognized drawing from the current season as a good idea, while contemplating how nature reflects many aspects of my spirit.

And, this reminds me of my water garden painting from 2 years ago (that I have not finished). It is an illusion of pattern. Random shapes are not really repeating, but comforting, just the same.


Lou Who said...

I'm waiting for mine to come up. I'm afraid that the construction guys destroyed them when they rebuilt the deck :(

April said...

i love how the plant "pops" off the page in the first photo. i thought you might have cut it out. nice shadows.

jill bliss said...

LOVE! love your blog title as well!