School Treats

I asked Ellie many times if she just wanted to buy a bag of candy or if she really wanted me to bake her class treats. I love doing it, but I don't want to if it doesn't make any difference to her. She was thrilled when she saw them. I added food coloring to the dough of my rolled butter cookies. [click here for the recipe] I have found that drizzling melted white chocolate is easier than decorating, and tasty, too.

I often send such treats in a a shirt box (this is tradition, right?) but, when I saw a Christmas cookie tin, I thought it would be easier to handle. Ellie saw me covering it in wrapping paper and mentioned that I am crazy. "Crazy-good...right?" "Yeah, Mom, crazy-good." I wouldn't want my little third grader to be embarrassed by my craziness.

So far this month, I have not posted anything to my theme of things I love. I guess I love doing little things like this. And, I love this tin.

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