Enough Already

I've never been more ready for spring. I was ready before this last 2 feet of snow. School for today was cancelled yesterday. School for tomorrow was cancelled today. Darrin shoveled for hours before the neighbor came over with his snow blower. I called work several times to see what the status was of things. I couldn't get through to anyone on the phone. Being only 2 miles away, and working for a newspaper and all, I thought I might be able to help out wherever necessary to get the paper out. Turns out only about 2 other people decided to show up (in my department). So I worked for 2 hours and crawled home white knuckled in white out conditions. After it stopped snowing and blowing, Darrin and I cleared enough of the patio so that we may still grill. Who's up for burgers and dogs? It is exciting to see the kids experience a real live blizzard. Feeling glad I didn't get stuck anywhere... like the office, or Lake Shore Drive.

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