Don't Move. Improve!

Whenever I mentioned to friends that I was looking around at other houses, they would say "Really? I love your house." And I would think "Really? It needs so much work!" I do love my house. When we moved in I saw potential. But, I never wanted to spend any money fixing it up if I was going to someday buy another house. As I said, we are in it for the long haul and so we have begun the sprucing process.

I am so excited about how beautifully it is coming along. I find myself walking outside just to look at my soffits and facia. I didn't take very many before pictures. Moving through change can be difficult and I don't want to look back. However, I had to capture the door on the sunroom. It was, by far, the strangest characteristic that bugged me the most. You would think in 11 years time I could have bought some paint and at least painted it? When we were having the windows replaced, I told Darrin we would also be buying a new door. He was surprised and confused that I insisted upon this. "It's a sunroom. The door should be all glass." Now that it has been replaced he could see the difference.

I can't say I am really excited about vinyl, but when we moved in and painted all the trim on this all brick house, I was shocked at what a huge job it was. The past couple years, Darrin talked about starting the whole process over. This is when we realized it was time to go maintenance free.

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April said...

such a big difference, it looks great!