Return to Life

I said the world stops for hospital visits. Our world is back in full spin. As I wrote my father's eulogy about how he has inspired my love of gardening, I didn't even know when I would get out to buy plants and get them in the ground. Since then, I have accomplished that - tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, and leeks. In April I picked up a package of green beans to plant and was going to start the seeds in the house. Never got around to it, but last week poked them into the garden soil. Today they finally sprouted from the surface.

Back in the full swing at the office. Daddy and kids on summer vacation. Home improvement projects started. Enjoying softball and full family home-run derby on the driveway. Today, the girls and I enjoyed visiting my friend Dorie, the European Market and a great day at the beach. Shopped for Maya's birthday party and the day has ended with a beautiful family bike ride at sunset. Darrin and the girls showed me a new bike trail they discovered. Feeling very relaxed and optimistic. : )


Anonymous said...

Happy Summer, Patti. Will we see some more painting soon?

Take Care,

Patti said...

Hi Sarah. I hope you will see some more painting soon. I can't believe my "great week of painting" was all the way back in March! At the time, I kept thinking "could it be this easy to paint everyday?" I have painted so very little since. I guess it's not that easy.

Linda said...

You are amazingly talented. Your writing, your art, everything you do. I just had a good cry reading your beautiful posts. Miss you....
Linda D