Vacationing Close to Home

Someday I will travel the world, but for now I will enjoy my local surroundings. The south shore of Lake Michigan really is a beautiful place. I resisted my usual urge to bring beautiful stones home with me. Instead, I arranged, photographed, and left them where they belong - on the beach. I've created a flickr account and posted many photos of this tiny little wall along with the sun setting on the Chicago skyline.

Before the beach we ventured a little farther south and east
to pick 18 pounds of blueberries.


Anonymous said...

You are blooming where you have been planted! The world awaits you. It will be more glorious when you are ready to explore it.


Anonymous said...

Patti, you never cease to amaze me... I love the pictures of the stones on flickr, great job! I'm sure the girls helped... or maybe not, preferring to play in the water! Thanks for sharing your gift with us, the gift is YOU!