Fire and Water

This watercolor painting, "Fire"
is sold and I was commissioned to do an additional piece,
 "Water" to go along with it. 

I finished "Water" this morning and was hoping to get it to the gallery for framing today, but did not. I also did not run a 5k race today as I had contemplated. Last week when I thought I was sore from gardening, I realized I might have been coming down with something. I never did get terribly sick, but felt like I avoided it by taking it easy rather than running myself ragged. I have been biking and today played tennis with Darrin for the first time in 10 years. We haven't played since kids as that would have required a babysitter. It was lots of fun and I look forward to more. Of course, I lost badly, but it's not about winning or losing.

I've added a link to my favorites list. Last week I Googled myself to see if anything interesting came up. Much to my surprise, I was favorably mentioned on Life Craft by Amy Kalisher. Her blog immediately became one of my favorites. Lots of great inspiration, resource links, and beautiful daily collages.

I set up a new e-mail account to link to my blog. I thought it would be quick and simple to add it in the sidebar, but after 30 minutes of poking around I give up. I am looking forward giving away a small watercolor mandala. I said I would pay it forward after receiving the exquisite little birdie from Gennine. I have had many people tell me in person they have had trouble leaving comments. I've checked my comment setting and it is open to everyone. I am curious if others are having problems, as I receive very few comments overall.

I opened up "The Artist's Way" today after getting it back from my friend Mike. (Thanks Mike.) I read just about all the quotes in the margins. That alone is great inspiration. This one probably best describes me right now "Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." Actually, maybe just the word "bewildered" describes me.


Amy said...

I'll be the first official tester - though, as a fellow Blogger blogger, it maybe isn't a fair test.

Amy said...

Whoops, I pressed something and the comment sent before I was done writing it. A little more:

Thanks for the shout out, and for linking me! Which reminds me, I need to give youa spot on my illustrious sidebar.

We have more in common, it seems (tennis and 5Ks, anyway, and trying to skirt some mystery illness myself this week.)

About adding an email link, try this: in front of whatever you want linked, put: and then after the words you want linked (you'll see it will probably try to link these words to an imaginary email address) put:

Amy said...

Oh darn, that didn't work, it disappeared my HTML tags and actually linked the text. Another attempt. This time I'll make it a little more cryptic.

Before the text you want linked, put in a greater-than symbol then the letter "a" then a space, then href="mailto:youremailaddresshere.com. After that, put a less-than symbol.

Whatever you write next will be linked to your email address. After that, put another greater-than sign, then /a then less-than, and you have the link.

Hope that helps!

Amy said...

Wow - you're getting four comments, all from me - I just noticed I got the less-thans and greater-thans mixed up in that last one. Reverse them, and you should be all set.