Stitch - Illustration Friday

I missed Illustration Friday last week. Here is a little watercolor of a piece of embroidered fabric I was sewing with last week. Now I've painted it for the topic "stitch".

I added some Windsor & Newton Iridescent Medium over the top of the embroidery work to add a little sparkle to the fancy thread.

And here is my boot. I've recently acquired a pair of second-hand boots for only $4. [R>R>R] Made with 100% man made materials. [cruelty free]

In certain situations I feel uncomfortable being tall, but I noticed last week at work that I am over 6' tall with these things on. I enjoy being tall at the office. It makes me feel more confident. I love my new boots.

And after all this....
I am falling in love with the color brown.


April said...

those boots rock!

Cindy said...

The embroidery watercolor looks real. You're amazing, dear. And I don't know which I'm more jealous of, the watercolor of your boots, or the boots themselves! And only 4 bucks! Where did you find them?! I wore heels to feel more confident, too. Some days that's all I had going for me. Nothing wrong with that at all. And I've found I've moved from black to brown in all things lately. Except my coffee. I still like it hot, strong and black.

Michael Rigg said...

When you came up to me at work and we were eye-to-eye.... Well, let's just say it was exhilarating.

And I agree with Cindy about the watercolor -- too cool!