Snow. Watercolor and gouache. 10x10

I am grateful for the "Walk the Talk" discussion at the gallery. Again I am reminded of how much I am able to communicate through my art. My ideas were validated and recognized as more than just visual thought. I was surprised that everyone is in agreement that my work is "so spiritual". To me, it feels mental - but I am realizing I have more success when I follow my intuition, let things happen naturally and do not over think the process. Thank you to those who attended and especially to Linda and Gregg for facilitating.


Cindy said...

You are amazing, Patti. You don't need validation. It's your work. Your spirit. Your soul. But how cool is it anyway when someone else "gets" it, too! I'm sorry I missed the discussion. I would have loved to hear everyone's thoughts. Your work is beautiful and as soon as I get a stinking job, I'm commissioning a piece!

Michael Rigg said...

Affirmation is good. It keeps you going. Ironically, the commentor above me has become my unofficial Muse. She has recently given me the affirmation I needed to keep my butt in gear. Even more ironically, the author of this very 'blog inspires me regularly as well!

Hmm. We should do something with that... Like host a Podcast or something. (I know, I know, it's coming).

Michael Rigg said...

Well, I missed your opening, I missed the Walkie Talkie... but I FINALLY GOT TO SEE YOUR BEAUTIFUL WORK!!!

Melanie and I went Saturday and I have to say I was doubly impressed. Photos on the webternet don't do justice to the spirit in your brush strokes (there, I said it - spirit).

We both found it moving, Patti. Really great stuff and I can't wait to see the next images captured by your soul.

MACO said...

Nice to meet you. I'm Japanese illustrator too. :)
I like your paintings, esp. this one.

I thought I have to draw more like you.
Thank you. :)