A Partridge In A Pear Tree

We are encouraged at the office to decorate for the holidays. I never have, but this year I am feeling compelled to decorate using only the large scraps of paper Jeff saves for me from the large format printer. I found some nice clip art of the 12 days of Christmas that translate well to paper cutting. Gauging from this first day of Christmas, the whole project would take about 20 hours. Can I squeeze it in between shopping, cleaning, cooking, baking, working extra holiday hours at the office and painting for a show? I did say I am feeling "compelled", which is why I think I will give it a shot.


Claire said...

The paper cut outs look very nice. :)

APRiL said...

that's beautiful. the news designers are doing the 12 days of christmas. i was assigned to 6 geese a laying. i'll show you my sketches tomorrow. they're want them to be humorous.