Give a Hoot

Three years ago I was nominated to be the chairperson for Earth Day activities at school. Having already been characterized as the granola loving tree hugging nature girl, I'm a little shy about voicing my opinions and I have played it pretty low key so far. This year, Jodi (who was inspired by her son's creativity) suggested that we have the kids make art projects out of recycled trash. Needless to say, I love this idea! So here is my sample project to get the ball rolling.

It started with that little plastic ring seal from the gallon of milk. After grabbing the second plastic ring off the next gallon, I thought of eyes - owl eyes. The idea grew from there. Bottle caps completed the eyes. The nose is a lemon from the 7up box. The head, body and wing are cut out of cereal boxes. Feathers are cardboard tubes and granola bar boxes (yes, granola). The feet are drinking straws and twisty-ties. I enjoyed the paper sculpting so much, I'm thinking of a larger project for this year's Trash to Treasure Show.


APRiL said...

love it, patti!

Lou Who said...

This is just so flipping cool, Patti! Maggie is really into owls lately so I can't wait to show her this!

Sue said...

You are so creative, Patti! And the owl, symbol of wisdom - how wise you are!