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It wasn't long ago that I thought I would never be able to afford "REAL" art. To me, this is a true sign of prosperity.

I acquired the Dunes landscape over two years ago and finally splurged on the cost of framing. Tom Torluemke is the most prolific person I have ever known (and probably will ever know). I justified the cost of this piece by comparing it to an evening at the theater. I've seen a few "Broadway in Chicago" shows and they are a distance memory. On the other hand, I feel this painting has already appreciated in value. And, I get to enjoy it everyday.

The little birdie by Geninne is perfect example of manifesting that which you focus your attention on. Everyday I would watch her blog and I knew I would own one of her paintings some day because I love them so much. Detach yourself from the "how" and you may be surprised by the possibilities. I won this piece in a give-away.

The collage by Amy Kalisher is from a large series of small works. I had a difficult time choosing one. Each time I looked at them I found a new favorite. Her intention (partly) was to create affordable art. I appreciate that, but I feel like it was a steal. The framing cost more than the art - that can't be right!

I can whole-heartedly say, the presence of original artwork in my home has greatly improved the quality of my life. I highly recommend it.


'becca said...

i absolutely LOVE having original artwork in my home. it adds so much to be able to say "yeah, i know the artist ... he/she's an amazing person" when people are over. plus i find it totally inspiring to remind myself that i'm surrounded by such great talent.

Michela said...

veramente belli tutti e tre !

Michael Rigg said...

Patti, I love your definition of prosperity. I couldn't agree more.