Not a Hallmark Holiday

Last year I heard debate about Valentine's day being a Hallmark holiday. Hasn't Valentine's day been around longer than Hallmark? I think so. Please don't feel pressured to buy anything because you feel you HAVE to. Make something. Or...do something nice for someone. Or... maybe just say "I love you" or "I think you're neat." You could buy flowers if you WANT to. I do love flowers ; )

Maya was not even 2 years old yet when I put a watercolor loaded paintbrush in her hand. A little help from Mommy and what a beautiful card this is!

It wasn't even Valentine's Day when Maya very spontaneously put this together herself. (Maybe age 7?) I was amazed at the perfect heart she cut. Perhaps I should start incorporating pasta in my artwork?

These last three are cards I made for my Sweetheart the last few years. Darrin, I hope you don't mind me sharing, but it's like me telling the whole world how much I love you!

Yes. Of course there are cookies.
Have a sweet valentine's day.

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