Do Angels Drive Cars?

My mom gave me an old set of wooden ornaments. As I was hanging them on my tree, I said to Maya and Ellie "What is this? An angel driving a car?" We all got a good chuckle out of it. They assured me that angels have wings and can fly, so an angel driving a car is pretty funny.

I love this one, too. So simple. So cute.

I am always surprised how much I can get done during the holiday season. I feel like I have some sort of special magical power at this time of year. Last year I remember designing Katie's CD cover, printing out 100 of them, cutting them by hand and inserting them by hand (including taking each jewel case apart to insert back side) in time for her CD release show on the 20th. In addition to all the baking, shopping, and wrapping, we went to a wedding on the 23rd and I sewed the dress I wore. I wish I had this sort of energy all year round, but I could only sustain it for about a month - then I'm spent. I guess I do give up exercise for this month, too. Not something I would want to do on a regular basis.

It snowed pretty hard last night. We woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland. The girls were dressed and outside by 8am and back inside for hot chocolate by 8:30. Darrin finished shoveling with the help of the neighbor's plow and is now headed for my folks house to do their driveway. While he does all the hard work, I get to curl up in a chair and knit. As much I want to shed the stereotypical gender roles, sometimes I enjoy being the domestic diva. It's so romantic to knit a scarf and hat on a cold winter night. I can't tell you who this is for, it's a surprise. I splurged on really nice yarn since it is a gift and now I want one just like it!

It snowed 2 weeks ago on a Wednesday. I shoveled the driveway (most of it) in the evening after Girl Scouts and piano. Darrin was at class that evening and was surprised. He said "Who shoveled?" "I did", I said. All the while I was feeling empathy for single moms who probably have to work full time, but still do not have enough money to pay someone to do such things. If anyone reading fits that description.... strength and prosperity to you!

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