The Queen of Procrastination

I am aware too much of this blog is about how much I am not painting. I want everything in perfect order before I pick up the brush - and guess what? It's never that way. When I really feel a strong urge to paint I have to clean the house and get caught up on laundry first. It feels good to get these things done, but they could go neglected for a long time. It's only when I want to paint - but can't make myself sit down - that I start getting other things done.

Tonight I finally pushed myself just to get 2 watercolor washes done. I knew they would only take a few minutes and then will have to dry for a good long time before I paint the next phase. Before forcing myself to sit down at 9pm to do this I.... tidied up the living room and my bedroom, mopped the kitchen floor, washed and folded 3 loads of laundry, experimented with the recycled Christmas card idea, then... cleaned all the paper scraps off of my work table to do these 2 watercolor washes. (This was a day I actually went to work, too) The washes didn't turn out at all how I expected, but we'll see how the rest of this idea pans out. I might have to start over. Won't have time to paint again for days since I have to work tomorrow and leave early to go on a Girl Scout overnight with Maya.

Here is my tiny accordion-fold peace card, made from a recycled Christmas card. It measures 2-1/4" x 12". The punched hearts and flowers are sparkly and glittery, but you can't see that in the photo.

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Michael Rigg said...

Hello, queen. King here. Except in that I can convince myself that I'm doing what I should be doing with my own 'blog. After all, mine is about writing and blogging is just a sloppy form of writing.

Though.... I must admit to feeling jealous when I read yours. For a "hippie artist," you sure do have a way with expressing yourself in writing as well as art.